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Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced For Overhead Power Transmission Line (ACSR)

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In order to reduce ther risk of corrosion in some evironment (for ex: in coast or in corrosive regions), ACSR shall be greased according to IEC 61089 - 1997. There are four cases of grease applications:

  • Case 1: Steel core only greased


  • Case 2: All the conductor is greased except the outer layer


  • Case 3: All the conductor is greased including the outer layer


  • Case 4: All the conductor is greased except the outer surface of the wires in ther outer layer


Beside the sizes given in the list, the other sizes can be manufactured accrding to clients; requirements.

TCVN 5064 - 1994/SD1:1995

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IEC 61089 - 2


IEC 61089 - 1



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